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Bulk SMS Service | Business Promotion SMS Marketing

Bulk SMS Service | Business Promotion SMS Marketing

What is Business Promotional SMS Services?

Promotional SMS is a SMS Containing text advertisement that explains about the product/service information sent to thousands of people.

Promoting a Business or product or service or event via Text SMS is known as Promotional SMS.

Promotional SMS is a form of mobile marketing where a Text SMS is sent to various numbers containing their sms advertisement that consist of product/service details or offers.

The success of messaging service it is being used as business promotion activity in the form of mass sms. This form of business promotion has many unique capabilities and advantages which any business cannot afford to ignore. First of all the cost effectiveness of the promotional campaign by using mass sms service make it ideal for newly launched of small scale businesses.

Promotional SMS can be used by

  1. Small businesses to large business for promote their products or service.
  2. Hotels and restaurants for sending offers like discounts coupons etc.
  3. Event organizers for sending event SMS like venue details date & time products or services available etc.
  4. Retail & sales to not only increase sales, but also build buyer loyalty and find new customers.
  5. Promotional SMS is used by any person or industry who wishes to promote their product or service and Increase their client base.

It can be used for Travel/Tourism, Movies and Theaters, Administration / Business, Media / Entertainment, Sport Events, Sport Events, and many more.

What are the Advantages of Promotional SMS?

Promotional campaigns are useful in communicating the following;

  • Events: Venue details, products or services offered special offers, coupons, vouchers, passes and many more.
  • Launch: Invitation for the Launch of new products, brands, services, branches and many more.
  • Offers: special offers, last minute offers, limited time offers, etc.
  • Sample Promotional SMS for Offer: Visit our service department for your maintenance and get %25 off! You will also be entered in our “New Car Giveaway Sweepstakes” Southwest Auto
  • Discounts – send a coupon via text message.
  • Discount: Best DVD deals this week on DVD magicstore! Get 3 of the latest hit movie releases and take 1 free DVD Live Concert of your favorite band.
  • Contests: E.g. ‘The first person to come in and show this message gets a free bottle of Thumps Up’.
  • Admissions: Admission dates and venues for Educational Institutions, Training institutes etc.

These types of campaign are great for

Encouraging business during quiet periods (Text alert allows you to specify the time that your text messages are sent!).

  • Driving sales of slow moving product.
  • Stimulating uptake of new services.
  • Creating awareness of ongoing / regular promotions.
  • Introducing existing customers to new products / services through trial offers.

The immediacy of text messaging coupled with its direct nature permits spontaneous campaigns that no other medium can offer.

Does Promotional SMS have Sender ID?

No Sender Id for Promotional SMS (As Per the TRAI Rule)

Will there be any time period for Sending SMS?

Yes Promotional SMS should be sent between 9am to 9pm.

Delivery of SMS depends on the mobile network and signals of that particular network. If you send promotional SMS to one lakh numbers and few numbers are not in the reach mobile signals, the mobile network will check for signals 4 to 6 times within 24 hours of the message sent if the mobile got signals within this 24 hours then the SMS is send else sending will be failed.

Can I send SMS to DND NUMBERS?

No, Promotional SMS are not received by the Mobile numbers that are DND Activated.

How many characters do a Promotional SMS consist?

Promotional SMS should consist of 160 characters not more than 160.

How can I promote my services in only 160 characters?

  • Sending promotional text messages is an art as most of the telecoms service provider allows only one hundred and sixty characters in a regular text message.
  • Design and content of the message is very important to leave a impression over the receiver of the message.
  • While most of the business owner wants maximum amount of returns from their promotional campaigns, accuracy of message is the area where one focuses the least.

What are the essentials that I need for Sending Promotional SMS?

To send text from computer you will require following things – SMS gateway, database to mobile numbers and off course a text to send.

Is there any limit for sending Promotional SMS?

No, there is no limit for sending Promotional SMS. But the SMS should contain only 160 characters.

To how many numbers can I send promotional SMS?

You can send thousands and lakhs of Promotional SMS.

How can I send a Promotional SMS?

You can Send Promotional SMS by two methods

  • One is you can create an account for sending your promotional SMS through which u can send your promotional SMS to your own mobile Database (which is collected by you).
  • The Second one is we will create an account and use that account for sending promotional SMS to the data base which we have.

Note: You can give your own message content or we will write it for you.

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